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Located at Jalan Bukit Mata and the building is strategically located in the city's golden triangle.

Food Operators

TopSpot Foodcourt is located on the 6th floor of Taman Kereta with 21 outlets. This foodcourt serves a variety of ethnic food and beverage ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian and other local delicacies. Top Spot Foodcourt is a meeting ground for veg-devotees, seafood enthusiasts and meat lovers where they can enjoy their meals cooked in exotic ways.

Stall No. Stall Name Trade-Mix
1 & 2 J J Café Beverage
3 Muslim Seafood Seafood
4-6 Ling Loong Seafood Seafood
9 Topspot Café Beverage
10-15 ABC Seafood Seafood
16 Salem Corner Beverage
17-18 ABC Seafood Seafood
19 Delite Café Beverage
20 Tim's Steak Western Food
21–23 Bukit Mata Seafood Seafood
24 De Bonanza Café Beverage
25-28 Bukit Mata Seafood Seafood
29 & 31 Jolly Café Beverage
30 Ikan Bakar Sedap Seafood
32-36 Ling Loong Seafood Seafood
Kiosk Scoop Gourmet Gelato Ice Cream
Kiosk Muslim Roasted Chicken Muslim Seafood
Kiosk Umai & Pansoh Sedap Local Food
Kiosk Coconut Pushcart Beverage
Kiosk Sugar Cane Pushcart Beverage
Kiosk Satay Food